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On Equality and Bacon

l_rainbow_ceramic_piggy_bank_money_boxAs the debate over same-sex marriage in Rhode Island ramps up yet again, I find that by-and-large, the strongest opposition is faith-based, rather than fact-based.  I want to be clear that I make no attempt here to address the topic of religion, but rather the religion-independent issue of basic human rights.

An individual’s pride in their faith and the desire to spread it is one thing, but imposing it on others of dissimilar faith or view is another matter entirely.  Isn’t freedom from that sort of thing really the reason this country exists?  There is plenty of precedence in our history of laws that straddle the line between church and state – or that flat out leap over it.  Yet for many years it has been possible to do your shopping on Sunday, and it has even become increasingly possible to purchase liquor on Sunday. Continue reading